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Seng Li Marketing Sdn Bhd is a one-stop auto parts trading company, established in 2010, which began as Seng Li Auto Part Trading in 2003. Today, SENG LI comprises 16 branches located strategically throughout 14 branches at Johor, 1 branch at Melaka and 1 branch at Kuala Lumpur, staffed by over 80 sales consultants and representatives and supported by a network of over two thousand workshops.
Besides that, we are supplying over 150,000 parts and components for all major manufacturers. Our trained sales representatives also provide professional consultation to help customers with repairs and improve vehicle performance for a better driving experience.
In future, we plan to establish a strong retail presence in all states in Malaysia to better serve the needs of vehicle owners through out the country. As part of our giving back initiatives, plans are also underway at Seng Li to implement social responsibility programs with positive impacts on sustainability and community welfare.
About Us


To be the No. 1 auto parts retailer in Malaysia.


Customer always come first, Integrity & Win-win situation.




  We hope to achieve customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction. Only when customers are satisfied will there be a market and value for society. Then the employees are satisfied, the employees work smoothly to serve the customers better. In this way, we can create corporate profits and bring value to shareholders. In today's capital market, shareholder satisfaction is very important to the Company/Group.

Excellent In Execution

  We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence in execution – working with urgency, innovation and passion. Excellence is always intentional. Our success as individuals and as an organization depends on how consistently we can bring this value to life.


  The importance of networking in business: Networking = productivity, Networking = success & wealth. Networking is not only a relationship, but also a resource and wealth. Because the essence of networking is to achieve mutual benefit, resource sharing and win-win cooperation by building a social circle.


  Growth has become a natural part of our DNA. It must be continuous, far-reaching, sighted, and combines the requirements of the present business operations with our future long-term goals.


  To maintain a strong learning attitude and never be complacent. To be proactive and creative in gaining more knowledge, finding new methods, learning new techniques and understanding other points of views. These attitudes will help in building us into a learning-oriented organization.


  Innovation is a key value at the SENG LI Group; we seek to promote our employees' enthusiasm and joy of experimentation and to constantly reinvent ourselves. In this connection, the following principle applies: What may already have been discarded once might become relevant again at any time. The combination of tradition and modernity makes us unique among similar companies. We are proud to look back on family ownership - we know where we come from, at the same time we keep an eye towards the future.